What Happened to Donald Miller?

I was pondering this very thing today and wondering about writing something when I came across this “unfinished” post on another blog. Hard to improve on something that so clearly reflects my own thoughts. Whoever you are, Douglas Underhill, thank you.


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Before I start this, I want to be clear: I respect Donald Miller, for the value of his past work alone if nothing else. My ruminations here on what has happened to him are likely going to involve a little bit of poking fun at him, and marketing gurus in general, and the whole cosmos of productivity experts and business advice and 6 steps to make your branding more effective and…crap I’m already bored.

Years ago, Donald Miller was a quirky and engaging writer who wrote a couple of books about theology that were unlike other books. One of them was even made into a movie. He made a big impact in the world of semi-progressive or progressive-leaning Evangelicalism, it seemed, and in the emerging emergent church, and in my own thinking as well. I encountered his books in seminary in the late aughts (or as some like to say…

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One thought on “What Happened to Donald Miller?

  1. This is interesting. And sad. So many of us start out on one path and end up in a place that seems alien to followers and family and friends. Maybe one small comment steered him away from where he was heading. Recall how years ago there was a story idea in my head and I shared it with a good friend. Who told me I was better than that kind of trashy writing (it was a romance). Made me not even want to write much of anything. Although, that one does have some chapters done.. One of my dearest friends in the world went from a former Youth Pastor and earning two degrees from biblical seminaries to an atheist. Crazy odd.

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