Four more years?

Someone recently asked me to finish this statement:

“Four more years of Donald Trump means…”

Before I answer, a little background is in order.

LBJ was President when I was born. I don’t remember much about him, except what I heard about him after he left office. I do remember Nixon and the Watergate scandal. I saw Ford stumble his way, often quite literally, through his accidental presidency. I witnessed Carter’s fiasco, attempting to rescue American hostages from Iran, Bush 41’s “no new taxes,” Clinton’s sexual escapades, and all of W’s “Bushisms.”

While I’ve swung left and right through the years, I’ve never strongly affiliated with any party. I voted for Mondale in the first presidential election for which I was of age. In the ensuing quadrennial elections, I voted for Bush, Romney, and Gary Johnson. Maybe I romanticize the office of President a bit. Still, through all of the presidencies of my lifetime, despite the flaws they each had, I can say I was proud to have them in the Oval Office. I didn’t always agree with them, but I was still honored to have them represent and lead my country.

Yes, they did embarrassing things from time to time, but so has everyone who has ever held the office. But #45 is different.

In addition to being the first U.S. President that makes me not want to sit through the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World, Donald Trump is also the first occupant of the White House, who I am utterly embarrassed to call President. He reinforces that sentiment every day. With every Tweet he sends, with every action he takes, I am increasingly appalled by the man who was elected to lead our country in 2016.

Four more years of Donald Trump, from my view, will continue to deepen the divide in our already fractured nation. His presence will only serve to embolden further the voices of the less savory among our citizenry, particularly the racist element in our communities.

We can’t afford it.

There is no amount of economic benefit, no matter how you measure it, that is worth four more years of Donald Trump.

There are not enough judicial appointments that can justify four more years of Donald Trump.

There is no benefit to the legacy of our country that can rationalize four more years of Donald Trump.

And, the notion that there are still those who would seek to argue otherwise leaves me bewildered.

The Trump presidency will, in my mind, forever be a dark stain, a gross anomaly in the history of the office. May the only thing he shares with any of our previous commanders-in-chief be that he is the tenth to join the ranks of Harrison, Taft, and Carter and be a one-term president.


One thought on “Four more years?

  1. I absolutely agree. When you look at the other living presidents and realise that NOT a single one wants anything to do with the one in office, that should tell us something. But, not many people want to ‘see’. I don’t like seeing people vote for a party and not the person, especially when the party appears to be bought. Odd how this guy’s wax figure looks better than he does! lol

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