GUEST WRITER: Michael Moilanen

1467274_10201092861072870_62789109_nIt’s been a minute since I’ve had a guest writer for my blog and I’m grateful to have my friend Michael Moilanen share his words with us. Michael is a challenging thinker who has a lot to offer those who will listen. He’s also the first person I’ve ever met that works for Amtrak. Michael lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife Kayla and their two kids Audrey and Ethan.

I read somewhere recently that our present is not a victim of our past, but that we are the artists…the creators.

I believe this is true.

However, sometimes our pasts hand us a limited set of color. Our brush strokes may be firm and confident, but there lacks a nuance of light and dark…deeper hues and collaborations of chroma, saturation, vibrance, and shadow that allow us to see the world through a unique set of stained glass eyes. This is where your health, your wholeness allows your painter’s palette to expand. As a bruise heals, it become an explosion of color as the body breaks down the blood and fluid that have accumulated under the surface.

So start your process of healing. Journey into the places and hurts you’ve experienced so that they may be known…and the fear associated with mystery can disappear forever. We need your palette, your display of color…and one day all who encounter it will marvel at the masterpiece you’ve become.


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