What I Learned from Booty Feet

Friends, indulge me for a moment please…

We watch the news these days with all of its reports of misconduct and inappropriate behavior by people of influence in Hollywood, politics, and business, but we forget that it can even be happening in the various microcosms of our local communities. I’ve been witness to it happening in the music scene here in San Antonio and I want to draw your attention to something pretty amazing I saw from a band here in San Antonio.

I know the members of Booty Feet, Luke and Noah in particular. Aside from making some of the best music around, they also happen to be really good guys and I’m glad they are among my kids’ circle of friends.

Booty Feet was faced with a very difficult situation and chose to handle it with extreme maturity, grace, and integrity. They acted quickly and communicated to their fan base with humility. I venture to say there are a lot of people out there who could learn from these young men, who are still at the beginning of life’s journey as they are in their 20s.

People give millennials a lot of crap these days, but I’ll tell you this: unlike previous generations, they don’t put up with bullshit and will be authentic no matter how much it hurts. And I can tell you this situation has hurt them deeply.

I know some of my friends who aren’t into local music tire of my endless invites and promotions of it, but you have to know my heart is not just for the bands or the music. These are people I know personally. I’ve had conversations, drinks, eaten meals with them. They work long and hard hours at great sacrifice in a world where and during a time when it’s not easy to build something you love. They are amazing human beings who deserve their community’s respect and support because at the end of the day they, along with a host of other amazing artists in San Antonio, are doing this to bring something beautiful to our city.

If nothing else, I hope you’ll take a moment to read their post below.



We want to say that as a band we believe ensuring the safety of our fans and community comes first. With all the saddening news coming from various bands in the scene it is important for all bands in the community to recognize the space of influence we occupy and that our prime responsibility is to the safety of our community. Be soberly aware of the social dynamics at play when you interact with others, consent especially. Check yourselves, check your members, check your friends. As people of a regional scene it is first up to us the musicians, promoters and venue owners to create an atmosphere of accountability and trust.

Beyond this it is important to understand that even as show goers and friends we also have a responsibility to keep our community safe. We do this by taking responsibility for our actions. Taking responsibility for our friends’ actions. Striving to always embody integrity, kindness and love.

Though it is a stressful time for many who are weary of the seemingly daily decry of people we may have once looked up to or even been friends with, it is truly encouraging to see so many victims who might never have come forward out of fear of not being believed or bullied now empowered to share their experiences candidly. We stand with victims of abuse and we want to use our platform in ways that foster a culture where we believe and trust those who come forward because it takes incredible courage to do so.

SEXUAL/PHYSICAL/MENTAL abuse has no room in our scene, community or city and it never deserves to go unchecked.

photo: Oscar Moreno

The situation that was brought to our attention has been handled very specifically in a way that took the victims autonomy and wishes into paramount account. The victim values their privacy and asks that you refrain from any conjecture or speculation around the issue. This way they retain full autonomy of their story should they ever wish to come forward with it publicly.

Moving forward we will continue making music as a three piece until further notice. In these events we have let go of any negativity. Understanding that these are fragile and difficult times, we will strive to do our part to help create a safe and creatively vibrant music community.

Love you all. Be well.


Follow Booty Feet on Facebook and Twitter. You can check out their music HERE.

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