The Audience is Listening

A lot of the organizations with which I’ve been connected in the past talk spent a lot of time analyzing and strategizing for the next generation to lead. On at least one front, the future is here and the next generation isn’t waiting for anyone to pass the torch.17098366_10208607596890670_6170366698551701915_n

Every month in San Antonio, we hold an event called “First Friday.” It starts at South Alamo Street and winds it’s way south through the studios and galleries in the King William Historic District and ends up at the Blue Star Arts Complex.

Last night’s First Friday event saw Brick, a Blue Star venue, hit capacity. They had to turn people away at the door. I’ve been to First Friday events at Brick in the past and have seen a lot of bands play there, but there has been nothing in recent memory that comes close to what happened last night.

17155841_10208607612931071_7022449907291291558_nHeadlined by Cali-based Pity Party Girls Club and supported by San Antonio bands Junkie, Booty Feet, and Peach Pits, First Friday organizers my not have known what hit them. As my daughter and local artist Elena Lopez (Baby Bangs, elnuh, Octahedron) wrote:

“THIS is why you pay attention to the younger bands that are working hard and making moves in the local music scene.”

What can’t be overlooked is that the next generation of musicians are also drawing in the next generation of audiences. If anyone isn’t paying attention yet – and I’m not sure how or why they wouldn’t be – anyone with an interest in the future of San Antonio music must pay attention now.

The audience sure is.

(all photos: Elena Lopez)

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