I’m going to get picky here

11157211_10152807881157467_1719606000_oOne of the things I really like about reading Donald Miller’s books is I sort of feel as though I’ve experienced him growing up. In his latest work “Scary Close” I’m struck by how he talks about how messed up he was when he wrote his previous books. His writing has always connected with me in a way that few others do, so it’s been somewhat disorienting for him to expose how unhealthy he was. One of the steps Miller took toward getting healthy was becoming much more intentional about his relationships.

I’ve been jotting down quotes from the book into my journal. About choosing who we allow into our lives, Miller writes, “…I got pickier about who I spent time with. I wanted to be with people who were humble and hungry, had healthy relationships, and were working to create new and better realities in the world.”

My life is going through a season of significant change right now. My friend John told me how I emerge from this crisis will set the course for the rest of my life. I’m determined to live the last half of my life better than I lived the first half of my life. One of the ways this will happen is in the relationships I keep. I really like what Donald Miller wrote about being picky with his relationships.

I have a few of friends who fit into the category of creating “new and better realities in the world”:

My friend Zach is full of energy. He’s been sober for three years and he’s working to help others find the same kind of new life he experienced through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Suzanne sees the world through the lens of enthusiasm and infectious optimism. She’s working to enact social justice in the world.

Jessica is a special ed teacher in a local high school. She recently helped organize an event to raise funds for Special Olympics.

These are just some of the really great people I’m excited to have in my life. When I’m around them the air is lighter. The laughs are more frequent. The conversations are richer. If it’s true in the next five years we become a conglomerate of the people around us I could have only these three people in my circle and do a whole lot worse.

I’ve been told the best thing I can do in this next season of life is to live my life well. A large part of that will mean getting picky about who I choose to love.

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