I see.

“What you don’t see with your eyes don’t invent with your mouth.”

the_art_of_conversation_by_rttmsdag-d32q8ocMy friend Marcella posted the words of Judge Judy on a meme as a status update. They made me chuckle at first then I started letting them sink in. What an intriguing concept. What if all of us spent one day only speaking that which we had personally witnessed — not what someone else told us happened; not what we read somewhere or heard via one of the many avenues by which we receive information? What if we only gave ourselves permission to convey only what we have seen with our own two eyes? What if we only allowed our spoken word to describe what we had experienced firsthand? Can you imagine what kinds of conversations would ensue?

When I came out of my appointment today the air was cool, a breeze was blowing, and there were droplets of water gathering on the cars from the mist that was falling.

I saw a homeless woman today walking in between traffic at an intersection asking for help.

My coworker brought fresh grapes to the office today for all of us to enjoy and they were the best thing I’ve eaten all week.

I had lunch with an old friend who I haven’t seen in forever and we enjoyed the best conversation over a fantastic meal.

What if the conversations we enjoy each day dealt more with our opinions and insights over our experiences and observations of the world we walk though every day rather than commenting on second, third, or fourth hand communication?

Try it for just one day. I dare you.

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