It’s time

shutterstock_127645361It’s time.

Time to hit the reset button and go back to what I know.
Time to share my thoughts unhindered by measured words.
Time to ask tough questions.
Time to give straight answers.
Time to be me.

There was a time when all of those things were true. I spoke my mind and was bold about my statements regardless of who was standing with me…or against me. But something happened.

I lost my confidence.
I lost my bearings.
I lost my resolve.
I lost me.

Where this leads I have no idea. But, as long as it leads back to what I was once confident I was put on earth to do, then there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is too much at stake to not take this path. There is the excitement of what’s new.

New relationships to forge (and, perhaps, old ones to renew)
New adventures upon which to embark.
New ideas to explore.
New avenues to travel.

It’s time.

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