In support of young artists

I’m going to take a moment and stray from my usual musings to share something I think is pretty inspiring. But first take a few minutes to watch these two videos.

One of my personal missions is to encourage artists, especially musicians, in their creative endeavors. There’s a band in my hometown of San Antonio that I’ve mentioned previously. Some really good things have happened to them in the year and a half they have been together.

Several weeks ago, the Recording Conservatory of Austin began its annual Unsigned Artists Competition. The overall winner will receive, among other things, 100 hours of studio time. This could go a long way toward the completion of an entire studio project. Octahedron was one of over 400 bands that submitted to the competition. They were fortunate enough to make it to the final four bands for consideration and are the only San Antonio band in the running.

The studio filmed two videos for each of the bands and the final round involves getting as many people to watch the videos as possible. In fact, fan views will account for 50% of the judges’ final decision. So, I submit to you the two videos for you to watch. Please share them, give them a thumbs up on YouTube, leave comments and watch them again. I would love to see these young artists take a huge step toward achieving their dreams.


2 thoughts on “In support of young artists

  1. Ezra Pound called the artist the “antennae of the race” Art as radar acts as “an early alarm system” as it were, enabling us to discover social and psychic targets in lots of time to prepare to cope with them. This concept of the arts as prophetic, contrasts with the popular idea of them as mere self-expression. If art is an “early warning system,” to use the phrase from world War II, when radar was new, art has the utmost relevance not only to media study but to the development of media controls. -Marshall McLuhan

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