If it Feels Good, Do(n’t do) It?!

Great thoughts here. Give ’em a read.

The Barefoot Pastor



One of the greatest tragedies, (in my opinion), is people blindly following what society tells us is right, or popular, or trendy, or Ke$ha! Interestingly, the people that we admire are the few who say, “who cares what is popular?? I’m doing ______”. Of course, then we idolize that person, blindly follow their new trend, and wait for the next genius to tell us what to do, (I use genius lightly, let’s remember that two decades ago we were all frosting our tips…).

Growing up, the churches I was in referred to societies desire to follow trends as “IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT!”… We were assured that this line of thinking had one destination and (spoiler alert!) it ended with ‘double hockey-sticks’. Now the reality is, some things that feel good, we should do! Working up a great sweat in a hard workout feels…

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