Guest blog: Why I love musicians


I’m very excited to introduce you to guest blogger Lynnwood King. He is the front man for the rock bands, The Heroine and The Revival. He’s a high energy, fully-charged vocalist with a heart for artists that is unmatched. 

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing talent from our city over the years. In my humble opinion anyone who steps out in faith to share their music and their heart through song is to be applauded.

Putting yourself out there in any capacity is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. You don’t know if you will receive praise or criticism. Most of the time you will get criticism. It will come from your friends, family, coworkers, and those you love most. It’s difficult to pursue a dream…any dream. That’s why I love musicians.

Musicians wear their hearts on their sleeves whether they want to or not. They share a song or a tune and leave themselves open to anyone who will listen. The harsh reality is until they develop a fan-base and their sound it can take many years to get past the critics.

I have been in this game a long time and thanks be to God I have had the privilege to continue pursuing my passion for music and touring long enough that even some critics moved on to other things. In some cases my critics, over the years, had a turn and have become some of my biggest fans and closest friends. That being said dare to dream.

Don’t stop – whatever your dream is. The dream for most musicians, contrary to popular belief, isn’t for riches or fame. It’s to share something they created with the world in the hope that it connects with someone, that it inspires, touches, encourages, and even changes someone’s life in some way. I have heard it said that greatness is in you. Well it is.

As my father-in-law, George Ramirez, would always say:

“The greatest songs are yet to be written, the greatest sermons are yet to be preached, the greatest books are yet to be written!”

Pursue the Dream. Trust God. Be patient.

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