The story of my life

storylineI’ve done a reboot on a project I started some months back. Writer Donald Miller developed a process for helping people “gain focus, clarity, inspiration and a deep sense of meaning.” It’s called Storyline and I’ve found it to be a tremendously helpful means of helping me zero in on what I desire my life to be about.

Part of the process called for me to take a look at the positive and negative turns of my life and develop a theme. This held me up for a few days. I spend a lot of time staring at the writing on the pages of my book wondering what possibly might rise from the ashes of days gone by. After several days of wrestling I finally landed on something that I’m pretty excited about.

My life theme is to discover, communicate and live out stories of humility, justice and mercy.

The goal is to filter every decision I make through the lens of those words. I’m not sure exactly how this will play out, but I can’t wait to find out.

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