Meet Octahedron, and by the way…

Octa4squareI’ve been proud to see my kids launch a new creative project, Octahedron, with their friends Daniel and Austin. They’ve only been together as a band since last July but have made tremendous progress for being so young and new to all of this. You can listen to some of their music on their page at ReverbNation.

I’ve been amazed at their level of commitment and how each of them has chosen to rearrange their lives and make significant sacrifices in other areas of their world to focus their attention on Octahedron. Many of their decisions are with the band’s success in mind.

One recent move that my daughter, Elena, has made has been to enter the Singer/Songwriter III contest sponsored by Guitar Center. The odds of being selected as a finalist are astronomical, but if she is selected as a finalist it could lead to some pretty significant winnings that could help the band with equipment and exposure.

One early part of this contest that runs through November 9 involves her setting up a channel on the contest page. What the judges will be looking at is the amount of traffic, comments left and other such things on the channel. If you can, please check it out by clicking here and sharing the page with others.

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