“I will…”: What’s next?

Question-Mark7th of an 11 part series

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein

“Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers.” Voltaire

In school I loved going to the library. What would start out as a legitimate effort to accomplish an assignment for class would turn into a festival of research on nothing in particular. It would usually begin with reading an article and then I would get to the bibliography or a footnote – something – that would send me on a rabbit trail or two…or ten.

I love discovery, new information, research. Ending the day knowing something I didn’t know before is one of the hallmarks of a great day. This is also how I approach the people I come across.

There is no greater source of knowledge than people. The moment that I think there is someone from whom I cannot learn anything is the moment I stop learning. Everyone has a unique perspective on news, faith, love, work, relationships, politics and life. Everyone is shaped by circumstances that only they have experienced. Everyone has something to broaden my understanding of the world around me.

My friend Mark said once that we need to continuously broaden the bandwidth from which we receive information. One way I do that is by remaining curious. Curious about people, places, things…the world.

My hope is that the last words of my mouth when my life here is done will be the same that I ask each morning:

“I wonder what’s next?”

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