Fight Fear and Make Art


My life has been rich with amazing and creative people. Some I have known for years and others are new friendships that are just beginning to form. Starting today some of these very special people will be guests on my blog. Today begins with a post from my good friend, singer/songwriter/artist/poet Chris Taylor. The drawing you see to the left is a Chris Taylor original.

I am sweetly jaded, post bitterly faded, Jesus freesus, knowledge means nothing without empathy and humility, most people refuse to see, nothing means nothing to me, nothing excites me… Even spiritually but I want it to be… More than casually, I want to be set free… To regain the ME of me… To see eternally – but can it ever be? I will never know because the afterglow of worship is gone and I know the wrong of wrong enough to fill a song and one day I will be surprised, realized that God don’t live in the sky or even in our own eyes – but somewhere mystified… Somewhere doctors operate but can’t find… Somewhere that would blow our minds… Cause us all to rewind our lives and start again…. We would be God’s friend if we only knew… Nothing we could ever do… To gain his grace, to see his face or balance spirit and flesh just to live in faith. Because our darkest sin can’t be erased until we find that everyone is blind no matter how much knowledge we have in our mind… And the shadow of the cross covers everyone of us but some and maybe most are too busy to see or even want to be free but you didn’t hear any of this from me.

164434_10151539191546885_1805435799_nChris Taylor is an American singer-songwriter, visual artist and illustrator based in San Antonio, Texas.  He is the former lead singer of the band Love Coma and has been a solo performer since 1997. Taylor’s 2000 album, Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth, was nominated as Rock Album of the Year for the 2001 Dove Awards. He just released his new album, Postcards From The End of Time in April 2013 and is creating art in San Antonio, TX. Check out his website at Follow him on Twitter @realchristaylor.

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