being Creative vs. doing creative

There are myriad theme parks around the world where I can jump on a roller coaster for three minutes of ups and downs. But if I want to ride a rocket into space I can only find that at Disney.

If I want to build an office building, any number of architects can provide a functional structure that will look like any of the buildings in my city. But if I’m looking for a unique and mold-shattering use of space, I’d better get a hold of Will Alsop.

There are people who do creative things and then there are Creatives. They are never content to rehash what has already been created. Their art moves and touches those who have the opportunity to soak it in. They challenge our thinking, push boundaries, frustrate our sensibilities, make us laugh, cry, cheer, reflect and sometimes even make us angry.

Counter to what might be expected, Creatives don’t share a personality type. You cannot measure who they are with a psychological assessment. They can’t be defined by hard data. Any attempt to do so would violate everything that makes up a true Creative. I’ve known Creatives who are free spirits and grounded souls, liberal and conservative, extroverted and introverted, analytical and irrational, ordered and chaotic. They cannot be categorized by gender, ethnicity, spirituality, style, age nor geography.

What they share is a commitment to originality. They are not content to paint by the numbers. They want to set the pace. They inspire with their art. The written word, a painted image, a captured moment on film, an interpretation of a character on a stage, a building design, a never tried before offensive strategy on the playing field, musical notes tied together…whatever the medium, Creatives cannot help but inspire others with their unique expressions of the world around them.

Be inspired today…and while you’re at it – if you have it in you – inspire others.

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