Dear Barry and Mitt…

We’re about two months out from Election Day and I have a modest request to make of you. I know this may be a bit of a pipe dream, but it never hurts to ask.

Every four years we have big decisions to make as a country. It’s important. It really, really is. It would serve our country better if we could have clear ideas to choose from. It doesn’t help when it gets clouded by comments and goofy statements about each other, either by you or by your respective staffs and supporters. There ends up being so much noise that we can’t hear your ideas.

I hear and read some of the silliest things said about each of you. If even half of what you, your staff and your supporters said about each other were true, then neither of you should be in the race and we’d have to go out and find someone else. In light of all of this, here is my request:

Just tell us what your plan is to move us forward. I don’t care what you or anybody on your side thinks about your opponent’s ideas. And, if I don’t care what you think about their ideas I most certainly don’t care what you think about the other guy as a person. That doesn’t help me in my decision.

Lay out your ideas and let me take it from there. I promise I am smart enough to make up my mind. Oh, and when some staff member tries to put a bug in your ear about saying something silly about your oponent, just tell them to get lost because our country is smarter and better than that and can see right through all the BS.

Seems like it would be pretty easy for one of you to pick up the phone – doesn’t matter to me which one makes the call first – and just agree on this. I suggest you make the call yourself. Don’t leave it to any of your staff to do it. Maybe you could meet up at Starbucks or something and shake on it over a cup of coffee.

Can you do that for us? Please?

Thanks for you time.


Rey Lo

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One thought on “Dear Barry and Mitt…

  1. Our standards are extremely low when we have to ask this of our leaders, knowing it is just too much to ask. It is also a reflection of the people, seeing how the guys who play fair and noble get mocked and discarded so quickly we hardly notice them. It is like voting for your favorite WWE wrestler. I can no longer kid myself. These guys make us the butt of the joke.

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