Love God, pursue your dream

One of the cool things about a truly God-inspired dream is that there is nothing that can keep it from coming to fruition. Circumstances. My own foibles. Others who may not share my passion or, for whatever reason, may even oppose it. Nothing.

My experience is that God pretty much gets what He wants. Not because He’s some sort of cosmic bully, but because He loves us.


Okay, stay with me here…

God has a profound love for us. I remember reading somewhere – I think it was something Brennan Manning wrote – that God has a furious love for us. His passion for us is an unstoppable, unending, unrelenting force that refines, renews, restores and redeems us. Everything He desires for us is grounded in a singular, unconditional love for us.

So, when He places a desire, a dream, a passion within us, you can be sure that He has given it out of love, the same unstoppable, unending, unrelenting love that draws us to Him in the first place. That kind of passion is behind the dreams He places in our hearts. Knowing that can give us tremendous confidence as we chase after those things we believe God has put us on earth to accomplish.

With the furious love of God behind you, is there any obstacle that cannot be overcome?

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