Live Your Life

I was talking with my friend Shawn recently. We were supposed to be working on a project but, as is often the case, we spent as much time engaged in conversation as we did working. Shawn is a good friend and I can’t say that I’ve ever had a conversation with her that wasn’t worth the diversion away from whatever we should have been doing at the time.

At one point in our exchange, the question was raised: “Why do you think God gives some people a pass on their sin?”

As we wrestled with that thought, we realized how selfish that question is. What concern is it of mine if someone seems to get away with it? How do I know they did? Just because someone doesn’t experience observable consequences to what we see as sin doesn’t mean God overlooked it. Let’s say someone did experience the full consequences of their actions. What tangible satisfaction would that really bring?

Toward the end of the seminal 80’s teen flick, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Ferris’ sister Jeanie is waiting for her parents to pick her up at the police station. She’s spent the entire story ditching school herself in an effort to expose her brother for the slacker that he is. While Ferris is able to avoid getting caught, she’s the one that ends up getting in trouble. While she’s waiting for her parents to come pick her up, she has a conversation with another guy in the waiting room.

She vents her frustration over the fact that her brother seems to be able to get away with everything and she gets away with nothing. He asks her what business it is of her what her brother gets away with. She complains that it isn’t fair that he gets to ditch school when everyone else has to go. The young man replies to her that she might do well do be less concerned with her brother and more concerned with herself.

I don’t want to spend my life concerned with what I think someone else may or may not deserve. That’s not living.

Tomorrow begins a new week. Go out and LIVE!

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